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Lord Zedd's Power Rangers and Friends Homepage

Last Saturday I attended the Playboy convention and I know what your thinking, your thinking; "Playboy? What does that have to do with sci-Fi Horror. Well I met one of horror greats, Julie Strain and an up an coming Horror star Cleopatra. I also had pics taken with these stars.

Also I was also had a chance to meet Shannon Tweed and give her samples of my sch-fi/horror/comedies "CHIMERA" and "VAMPIRES 'R' US".


Here I am with Julie Strain, star of such great horror movies such as "SORCORESS" and "THE UNNAMABLE 2". Also is my brother Wayne.


Here is up and coming horror legend Cleopatra. Star of an up coming vampire film, title to be annouced. With me is my brother Wayne and our friend Erik.

So basically I had the best time and I will keep you informed of other Sci-Fi related conventions that I attend.